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Author Topic: POTENTIAL RECRUITS: The Law According to U.M.A.D.  (Read 4520 times)

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POTENTIAL RECRUITS: The Law According to U.M.A.D.
« on: September 17, 2013, 02:51:14 AM »

Welcome to the United Mechanized Assault Division recruiting station!


Just like in the real world, members of our unit come from every corner of the galaxy; in fact the original members come from Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Scotland and the United States. Eventually they all made their way from across the Successor States to the planet of Lost, in the Lyran Commonwealth, near the Rim Worlds Collection. This planet is not just our home but a metaphor for our beginnings. In fact many of our members are former pirates of the Periphery States who wanted to seek out a better life for themselves and are used to the tough and hardy life of a Mercenary. We accept only the best, toughest and more loyal members. This ain't no pleasure cruise!

U.M.A.D. are currently garrisoned on the world of Lost (Steiner space, right close to the Rim Worlds Collective) with the 3rd Dismal Disinherited, who took over Garrison duty, in early 3050, from the 15th Arcturan Guards.


Our unit functions upon a military structure, including a chain of command and discipline. We have a Commanding Officer and an Executive Officer (2nd in Command) as well as a Military Council. These are the officers within the unit and if you have questions please direct them to the Council members. They represent you the Mechwarriors, and also oversee day to day operations within the unit. These officers hold various military ranks in order to establish a clear chain of command.

Any pilot wishing to serve within the ranks of the U.M.A.D. must exemplify the qualities of duty, honor and loyalty. They must not only be competent pilots but also personable brothers (and sisters) in arms. We pride ourselves on our synergy as well as our tenaciousness. We are a family that moves together, and fights together. Sure there may be some internal squabbles, but those are dealt with and put behind us. Woe to whomever treads upon one member for they shall suffer the wrath of our entire number.


The Valknut, the symbol found on our logo, originated from an ancient Terran culture called Old Norse. While the original meaning of this symbol has long since been lost, it was adopted by the U.M.A.D. to symbolize the origins of our unit. We are truely a united force, despite our geographic location.

The Division prides itself upon being a professional military combat unit and that pride is reflected in our uniforms. Many mercenary units put together rag tag uniforms or allow patchwork; both in their men and their mechs. U.M.A.D. is not one of those units. Our Mechwarriors are easily identified through the black and red tactical uniform they wear, when not in combat. During combat operations our mechs are not easily identified at all, but then again that is kind of the point, isn't it? We are the things they see out of the corner of their eye. Our mechs sport black base paint with a red accent.


  • We are a family. We play as a team, we squabble as a team, we win as a team, and we lose as a team. If you wish to be a rockstar or a cowboy then please refrain from applying as you will not fit in. Even during our post match analysis we look for ways to improve ourselves as a unit rather than place blame at the feet of individuals.
  • Our word is our bond. When we accept a contract we see it through; even if it means defeat and the bitter end. Because of this policy, no one single non-commissioned member shall commit, on behalf of the unit, any resources, or personnel, without express permission from the CO and the Council. Should you break this rule we will indeed carry out any contractual obligations however we will do so without said member.
  • Today's Ally could be tomorrow's enemy. The life of a mercenary is an odd one and sometimes we find ourselves in the unique position to fight along side someone we once fought from across the battlefield. Because of this transient lifestyle we watch what is said in public. Whenever you are around non-unit members you are expected to conduct yourself with appropriate behavior becoming an elite member of a proud brotherhood. Behave as if you had visiting guests in your house. Remember, just because they are our friends today doesn't mean they will be that way tomorrow. Show them respect and take their respect in return.
  • Our unit prides itself on our discipline and that sense of pride extends even unto our mechs. Just as the Mechwarriors in our unit have a dress code our Mechs will also be painted in U.M.A.D. colors. The colors of the United Mechanized Assault Division are black (base) with red (highlights). Specific layouts for your mech paints can be found in the members section of the website and possibly any future members manuals which may be issued. These are non-negotiable. If you can not afford even 2 simple colors then you should seek some of the other units in the game which allow true F2P.
  • Being that we utilize Teamspeak, yes this is mandatory, you will be expected to maintain a sense of discipline in accordance with the situation. We have a lobby where you can talk all about what little Jimmy had for dinner last night or what was on TV and all that fun stuff but our Dropships are for Combat Operations. If you are idling in a Dropship, and not part of the actual drop, you are expected to listen and keep comms clear for those who are actually executing the drop. This facilitates succinct communication and allows for quick dissemination of information.
  • When you are playing MWO you must be logged into our private Teamspeak. NO EXCEPTIONS. While you do not always have to play with your fellow members it is nice to see an active teamspeak channel and it gives us a sense of who is actively playing the game and who is not. You are encouraged to drop with your fellow team mates and work together however we understand there are times when you may wish to solo play; grinding a new mech, speed grinding money, burning off some steam, solo leader-board tournaments etc.
  • Visit our website regularly; at least once per week. This allows you to be kept in the loop with any new changes within our unit, the schedule, upcoming drops and things of that nature. If you log into the site it will automatically update your "Last active on" time which is sometimes audited by officers. We don't keep inactive members on the roster to falsely build our numbers up.
  • Training sessions are mandatory. Once the schedule is put in place you must be able to make at least 2 organized sessions per month. Every one of us has jobs or a life that requires them to be anywhere but here however 2 days out of 30 is no that much to ask. If you can't make drops for whatever reason please report to a Council member with your reasoning so that it can be logged and action taken if required.
  • There is a minimum age limit of 18 years or older. We understand some of you have kids and friends and all that who may not meet this requirement but that is how the cookie crumbles. This can be reviewed on a case by case basis but the rule exists in case it is required.

We welcome all pilots, who are skilled and personable to check us out. We offer a competitive team environment with a medium to high level of play. We have ongoing training sessions with the goal of acquiring, and holding, territory when community warfare actually does come out.

Remember: "The goal of the game is to win" AND "The point of the game is to have FUN!!!!"

Mason Grimm
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