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Author Topic: FAQ: Application and Hiring Process Questions and Answers  (Read 3293 times)

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FAQ: Application and Hiring Process Questions and Answers
« on: September 13, 2013, 08:30:42 PM »
Q: How do I submit an application?
A: Click JOIN US at the top and fill in the information as completely as possible.

Q: What are the membership requirements?
A: We ask that our members are actively involved with MWO. While we realize not everyone wants to spend every waking minute online and on MWO we do ask that you make a conscious effort to participate in the clan and in the game.

Q: Will I have to purchase certain mechs and equipment?
A: Yes, you will have to purchae at least 1 meta build in each class. This means 1 Light, 1 Medium, 1 Heavy and 1 Assault. The reason for this is simple; the meta builds are the most efficient builds in the game. By having one in each class you increase your versatility during combat drops. Many people might find issue with having their mechs chosen for them but if you are going to be a competitive player you are going to have to run competitive builds.

Q: Will I have to purchase specific colors or skins?
A: Yes, you will have to purchase black (unless you were fortunate enough to receive it in a PC Gamer award or one of the recent mech packs. You will also have to purchase red. The colors will be black black red unless otherwise specified. You can play around with the color layout as long as the two colors are black with red highlights!

Q: Who processes my application?
A: The application you filled out is automatically posted for all current members, and officers, to review and comment upon. By hanging in our TS3 server, and "dropping" with current members, we get a chance to review what your current skills are and what your personality is like. After we feel that we have a good handle on both we then come back to your application and +1 or -1 it (or abstain if a member chooses). The more often you facilitate opportunity like this the faster you can get +1 added to your application process.

Q: How long can this process take?
A: It takes as long as it takes. Anything worth having is worth waiting for. The vetting process described above allows to to ensure that we only take candidates who are best suited for our organization so that we don't run into personality conflicts or large gaps in skill sets. It can take 2 weeks. It can take 4 weeks. It is done when it is done.

Q: What if I don't have uber elite skills?
A: While we aim to field one of the better competitive teams in MWO we also recognize that not every player who comes into the game is going to be a top tier competitive level player. However, we do require that you be willing to put in the screen time to become the best top level competitive player that you can be!

Q: What does the above answer actually mean?
A: It means that you are able to analyze, adapt and overcome any skill challenges you may have. If you are constantly taking an assault mech, and rushing over the hill top in an attempt to be Rolling Thunder, then you need to slow your roll cause chances are you are probably getting yourself killed first and putting your team a man down. If you actually do the aforementioned "tactic" and then exclaim "Whew, that was a good brawl" then you definitely need to keep on keepin' on cause we probably aren't a good fit for you.

Q: What is the difference between Casual and Competitive gaming according to U.M.A.D?
A: Casual players show up once a week or once every two weeks and say "hey guys, lets have some fun and do some drops". Competitive players show up 3-4 times a week and push for victory. They put the time in to learn the game, acquire and run "meta builds" and train as a team. While casual style "pleasure cruise" players have their place in MWO the U.M.A.D. is not that place.
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