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Welcome to the Headquarters of U.M.A.D

United Mechanized Assault Division, better known by our acronym of U.M.A.D, is a mercenary company within the game of MechWarrior Online. While we do play other games our primary focus is MWO and we strive to recruit, and field, competitive minded players. Save the "pleasure cruise" units for the other guys, we are here to win.

U.M.A.D was founded in August of 2013 by a group of individuals who resigned our employment within another unit and struck out to find new adventure and challenges; each of us sharing a mindset for more competitive play. We are always looking for new players who possess skill, maturity, discipline and an underlying drive to succeed, even if MWO is "just a game". Sure, we love to have fun but taking, and holding, planets IS fun.

While we are considered "new", by a couple of standards, we are comprised of people who have played the MechWarrior games right from the very first MechWarrior 1. Check us out, hang out and participate on our Teamspeak server, get a feel for how we are and how we do things and then join up.
August 25, 2015, 03:48:28 PM by VIPER2207 | Views: 2673 | Comments: 5

Hi together,

i would like to call for a general members meeting on our TS this upcoming saturday, 29th of August 2000GMT.
I know this is pretty close, but i would like to get things started here again as soon as possible.

The "sign-up-thread" will get closed at the same time, so at this time, we have a clear overview who is still here and still part of UMAD.

I would like to talk about the things we (the council) would like to do to get UMAD rolling again....
August 21, 2015, 07:17:27 PM by VIPER2207 | Views: 1513 | Comments: 0

Hi guys,

one of the first step of the UMAD relaunch is the rework of our forums.

I will create an archive-section for every subforum and move all non-relevant (read: all threads that i think are not needed anymore) there.
If you think that i moved a thread that's still relevant or recent, please let me know, i will have a look at it.

I will start this right now, it may take some time, so don't wonder about threads getting moved a lot in the next time. I will...
February 23, 2014, 06:52:06 PM by Mason Grimm | Views: 3179 | Comments: 4

Fellow UMAD Members (and Guests),

We have recently upgraded to a new Teamspeak3 server. For the coming year, unless needed, we have a 50 limit cap on a nice and fast TS3 server. Thanks to all those who were able to donate to help acquire this before our previous one expired.

PASSWORD: scrapmetal

Everyone is welcome to hang out and drop with us or play other games with us. The channel tree and setup has been transferre...
August 24, 2015, 03:58:38 PM by VIPER2207 | Views: 2040 | Comments: 2

Well, this is not really a "MWO News and Information", but i guess it fits here.

just for the people who are interested. It looks like Harebrained Schemes (developer of Shadowrun Returns) is planning to get on Kickstarter in Fall 2015 with a turn-based BattleTech game for PC.

Might become interesting.<...
August 24, 2015, 11:19:02 AM by VIPER2207 | Views: 2516 | Comments: 7

Thread on the official MWO forums - Click me


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